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Odessa – a beautiful southern area on the beach with a rich history. For every tourist and a resident of the city there is a place where you can eat as huge number of cafes. Because of this diversity is difficult to make a choice, so before you go on vacation to Odessa, many make a clear plan walks with inscribed names of the cafe.


Delicious dinner in Odessa Cafes “Puzata Hata”

Где вкусно поесть в Одессе

Cafés “Puzata Hata” in the shopping center “Europa” on the 6th floor



Hours: 9:00 – 22:00;

Contact phone: 780-17-60.

This place always pleases their pricing and variety of the menu, so constantly full of visitors. a large hall. Here you can enjoy: first courses, side dishes with meat or fish, salads and desserts for all tastes. “Puzata Hata” can also be found in some other shopping centers of the city.


Local cuisine in the “Sprint Cafe” in Odessa

ТЦ «Афина» - прекрасное место для совершения покупок и приема пищи

TC “Athena” Sprint Cafe



Opening hours: 10:00 – 21:30;

tel .: 740-47-00; 740-47-20; 740-47-26.

This cafe network. More visited is in “Athena” shopping center, as it is located in the heart of Odessa, and it is convenient to include in the review stroll attractions.

INTERESTING! Sam shopping center is an interesting architectural solution, which in 2004 became the winner due to its uniqueness.

Visitors are always a lot in the “Sprint cafe”, but thanks to the work of the operational staff, everyone will find a place at the table, and the desired portion of the dishes. It offers a wide selection of first and second courses, side dishes with meat or fish, as well as delicious desserts and pastries.

How to get there: Nonstop it’s best to get to the coffee shop on the Station Square on the minibus №149, 150. To get to Alexander Avenue and walk 3 minutes to the Greek area, the house number 3/4. You can also drive minibuses №121, 242 to Greek Street and walk 3 – 4 minutes.


Mussel Bar “Bowler”

Бар мидий "Котелок" Одесса

Mussel Bar “Bowler” Odessa

Working hours:

Monday – Thursday: 09:00 – 23:00

Friday: 09:00 – 00:00;

Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 – 00:00;

Tel: 736-60-30.

This cafe is included in its program. “Pot” is located not far from the Deribasovskaya Street, the City Garden and the Passage. Coffee shop are located on a quiet street cozy. There is always fresh seafood. European and Mediterranean Cuisine. Prices are relatively high.

How to get there: From the railway station square with easy access to Cathedral Square by shuttle bus №175, 221, and pass a couple of minutes walk to the streets Sadovoya, 17.


Odessa cafe “Rosemary” Jewish cuisine

Кафе Одессы "Розмарин"

Do not miss this opportunity to taste kosher food


Assumption 5. Previously, the property is on the street. Small Arnautskaya, 46-a.

Hours: 10.00 – 23.00;

Phone: (067) 518-70-30.

“Rosemary” – a restaurant kosher Jewish cuisine. How can you miss this restaurant in mind? Colorful interior, unforgettable taste of food, excellent service – all you need for an enjoyable night out. Meals can also take home with them. The table is best to book in advance, as in the evening a lot of visitors.

Important! Please note that on Saturdays – the Sabbath, and the restaurant is closed.

How to get there: You can get there from the train station by tram №28 to the park to them. Shevchenko and walk 3 – 4 minutes to the street of the Assumption house №5.

And what follows from this conclusion …?

Only when we know the good places in Odessa, you can really feel all of its flavor. Use our tips, choose only the most interesting places of the city!

Do not go in Odessa – is to miss something important in your life! Enjoy your vacation, sea, pleasant cafes and restaurants, as well as the unforgettable atmosphere of this magnificent city. Sincerely, your favorite Hostel in Odessa “Friday”.